For You (its4you) wrote,
For You

Unsent letter-Will delete soon

You give me a glimpse of hope. And then, you contradict yourself, contradict the very words that gave me hope. You were with some one else 2, 3 years. You can wait for me, too. I've loved you 4 years. Did you think of me when you were with her? You think of me now, but why? Because you know, with the little hints I give, that I still feel for you? Did you and do you feel anything like what I feel for you? Is it so deep, so intense, so real, so crazy, euphoric, ecstatic, elation? I want to know that.

But I'm not the girl I was back then. I was 110-115 lbs. So confident. I knew I made hearts stop. Now, I'm surprised when I do. And I have to be that girl again before I'll see you again.

And you dont know that, so you wonder why I drag this on, what I'm waiting for, why I make you wait, to see me, to talk to me again. Probably. If you even care, but I think you did/do, by what you said when I said (yes to those of you reading-- this was said on Facebook if you cant tell) "I dont know how to give up on this dream.." you said dont give up, dreams are what make life fun. Never having commented/"liked" or messaged me on Facebook in the few months we've been FB friends.

If I make you wait, will the feelings dwindle, dissipate? But there's no other option.
And they dont for me. Still intense as ever.
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