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For You

For You
This is what this journal is about~

Been vegan again since Thanksgiving of this year.

I was vegan for almost an entire year back in '09 and it was the best I'd ever felt in my life. Boundless energy, happiness, inspiration. So many healthful benefits. Not to mention, with the inclusion of fasts, 30-40 lbs lost and kept off for a year.

Went on a hiatus, and gained a lot of weight back, not all of, but half of it. Along with losing all those things I talked about above (not completely).

sw: 145 (Beginning of December)
cw: 123 lbs (April)
cgw: 115 lbs (by May)
ugw: 105 lbs
what-the-hell-are-you thinking weight: 100 lbs

I will get down to 110.

I fast, but I like to do it the *healthy* ways, in this case-- with lots of water, raw veggies (mostly salads without dressing, or a little vinegar or lemon for dressing), some fruits (mostly high water content varieties), and fresh juices (mostly veggie) and smoothies (for example, berries, spinach and flax).

I am here for support and welcome yours! :)